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SCLA Chengdu Meetup-1st March

March 1, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Free – $100


On the banks of the Jinjiang River, it like  paintings are spread out one after another


Meeting up in Chengdu, drinking wine in a jade pot, the stars and rivers halfway into the clouds

2022年3月1日,18:30-21:30 北京时间

March 1, 2022, 18:30-21:30 Beijing Time


SCLA and Hanji Liquors


Will held in Shangri-la Hotel, Chengdu:New Ideas in International Legal Cooperation: Integration and Cooperation



Repeated epidemics, the postponement of the China-EU bilateral trade agreement, political frictions in Eastern Europe, etc., all of which are not affecting the stability and development of the global economy. Against this background, we have to think about the legal work in international economic cooperation: why? doing what? How to do it?

今天的中国法律市场是迅速变化的法律市场,这个市场中的竞争愈加激烈,国内的律师事务所之间将会在服务和定价方面展开高强度的竞争,同时,国际化的法律需求将是未来持续增长的领域,与此同时寻求突破的律师事务所将在国际舞台上拓展业务。此外,律师与产业、律师与税务等联系愈加紧密。 无疑,国际范围内整合型的法律服务将对促进成本控制,优化问题解决流程,节约大量人力物力。在这个过程中,律所应当如何进行文化整合,如何促进国际化的业务开展,如何与其他专业进行深度融合,开展深度的法律合作?

Today’s Chinese legal market is a rapidly changing legal market. The competition in this market is becoming more and more intense. There will be high-intensity competition among domestic law firms in terms of service and pricing. At the same time, international legal needs will be the future A field that continues to grow, while law firms seeking breakthroughs will expand their business on the international stage. In addition, the relationship between lawyers and industry, lawyers and taxation is becoming more and more close. Undoubtedly, the integrated legal services on an international scale will promote cost control, optimize the problem solving process, and save a lot of manpower and material resources. In this process, how should law firms carry out cultural integration, how to promote international business development, how to deeply integrate with other majors, and carry out in-depth legal cooperation

分享嘉宾 / Guest Speakers


Tang Xiaobing, former Senior Counselor of WTO, Director of the External Affairs of SCLA


Philip Hackett QC, ,President of the Geneva International Dispute Resolution Institute


Shi Lei, Legal Director of OPPO


Zhang Jian, Director of Dentons (Shenzhen) Law Firm


Yang Zhihong, Senior Partner of Beijing DeHeng (Chengdu) Law Firm


Li Lu, Senior Partner of Beijing Jincheng Tongda (Chengdu) Law Firm

邢连超, 四川明炬律师事务所合伙人

Xing Lianchao, Partner, Sichuan Mingju Law Firm


March 1, 2022
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Free – $100


+86 4006919195


Shangri-La Hotel
9 Binjiang E Rd, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Chengdu, Sichuan China
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