BOC-Swiss Chinese Law Association International Business Exchange Meeting was successfully held



On August 02, 2021, Swiss-Chinese Law Association was invited Zhong Yin Law Firm to hold an international business exchange meeting at the head office in Beijing. The meeting guests were: Mr. Zhang Tianze, the director of SCLA. Mr. Jiang Jiaxi, the senior partner of Beijing Jurisino Law Group, Mr. Yan Penghe, the managing partner of Beijing Zhong Yin Law Firm, Mr. Hou Shiling, the partner, Mr. Li Shitao, the in-house partner, Mr. Hu Peng, the advisor of SCLA, and the lawyers from Beijing Zhong Lun Law Firm, Beijing W&H Law Firm, Beijing Zhongdun Law Firm. and Beijing Zhongdun Law Firm. Firstly, Mr. Zhang Tianze, Director of the Swiss-Chinese Law Association, thanked the International Practice Department of Beijing Zhong Yin Law Firm for the invitation. Next, Mr. Zhang Tianze introduced the development history of the Swiss-Chinese Law Association and shared some of his insights from being a Chinese lawyer to the international organization of the United Nations and then participating in forming the international lawyers’ platform.

The Swiss Chinese Law Association (SCLA), founded in 2019 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is an international lawyers association. It is an international association of lawyers based in Geneva, Switzerland. The association promotes legal understanding and cooperation between Europe and China by facilitating exchanges between lawyers, academics, and the public and private sectors in international investment, dispute resolution, M & M&A restructuring, public policy, and international organization relations. SCCLA has applied for membership in Working Groups I and III of UNCITRAL and as an observer member of UNCTAD. SCLA has established long-term friendly relations with the World Trade Organization (WTO), UNCTAD, the International Olympic Committee, the Arbitration Institute of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, and the German Federal Bar Association. It has signed memoranda of cooperation with 15 intergovernmental, non-governmental, and regional international organizations, including the International Intellectual Property Commercialization Council (IIPCC), the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, the All India Association of Industries, the EU Expert Committee on Data Protection (EADPP), and LEX Africa. To date, the association has 217 members, with experts and industry elites from more than 20 countries and regions joining the organization.

The conference focused on the theme of “The conflict between the inherently regional nature of the legal service industry and the trend of global market integration” and discussed “Is there an essential difference between the nature of legal services and other service industries? The seminar focused on “Is there a fundamental difference between the nature of legal services and other service industries?”, “Is the geographical attribute of legal industry a limitation or an opportunity? And “What is internationalization? How to truly go international?” How to understand different legal cultures?” and other topics were shared and discussed. Dozens of lawyers from the Zhong Yin Law Firm head office participated in this event offline and online. Lawyers and business consultants from Germany, France, and other countries participated in the online exchange.