January 29 – Global Legal Negotiation Forum: Gender, Culture, and Strategy



According to the Swiss China Law Association (SCLA), the SCLA Global Legal Negotiation Forum and International Mediation Expert Training Program (NIMEPP) will be held on January 29 and 30, 2021. The 13th Global Legal Forum will be held online at 20:00 BST on the topic – Diversity in Legal Negotiations: Gender, Culture, and Strategy, and the International Mediation Expert Training Program (NIMEP) will be held online on January 30, 2021, from 20:00 to 23:15.
Keynote speakers at the forum included: Tang Xiaobing, Senior Counsellor, World Trade Organization; Peter Alfandary, Vice President, French Chamber of Commerce; Paulo Fernando Pinheiro Machado, former Deputy Director-General for Europe, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Federico Antich, Senior Mediator, CEDR; President, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Agada John ELachi; Olga Tsiptse, lawyer of the Greek Supreme Court and Vice President of the European Associations of Data Protection Professionals; Pawel Sikora, partner of KKG Europe; Sherlin Tung, partner of Withers Worldwide; and Peter Ruggle, partner of Ruggle Partners, Switzerland. Peter Ruggle, Partner, Ruggle Partners, Switzerland, etc.
The SCLA Global Online Forum is a monthly premier forum hosted by the Swiss-Chinese Law Association to promote cultural exchange among the world’s leading legal professionals. The association hopes to engage with leading professionals in global decision-making by promoting cross-cultural professional dialogue and collaboration. In addition, the Swiss-Chinese Law Association strengthens legal understanding and cooperation between Switzerland and China by facilitating exchanges between lawyers, academics, the public and private sectors in international investment, dispute resolution, M&A restructuring, public policy, and international organization relations. The goal of SCLA is to become a global community, a global vision, and a global voice for Swiss and Chinese lawyers. Comprised of 162 members representing various professions from over 14 countries, SCLA is also committed to advocating and building a more transparent and high-standard legal market and legal services system. Its publication, the Swiss-Chinese Law Review, is well known in the industry.