SCLA participated in the seminar on the development of “One Belt, One Road” Strategic Alliance



On December 8, 2020, a seminar on the strategic development of the “Belt and Road” Lawyers Alliance was held in Guangzhou, and the Guangzhou Center of the “Belt and Road” Lawyers Alliance was officially established. Xiong Xuanguo, the vice minister of the Ministry of Justice; Li Chunsheng, the vice governor of Guangdong Province; Chen Xudong, the director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice; Xie Xiaodan, the member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, and Kang Yu, secretary-general of the “Belt and Road” Lawyers Alliance, attended the meeting and jointly inaugurated the “Belt and Road” Lawyers Alliance Guangzhou Center was inaugurated.

In his speech, Vice Minister Xiong Xuanguo stressed that the recently held Central Committee’s comprehensive work conference on the rule of law made important arrangements to promote the comprehensive rule of law. The work conference also put forward clear requirements for promoting the rule of law at home and abroad. In addition, it opened up more space and opportunities for developing China’s lawyer industry and the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign lawyers. After a year of development, the “Belt and Road” Lawyers’ Union has been steadily progressing in its physical operation, growing its membership, improving its system and mechanism, perfecting its institutional layout, and further enhancing its cohesion. As a result, it is becoming an international lawyers’ organization with a certain influence.

Swiss-Chinese Law Association PawelSikora (partner of KKG Law Firm, Poland), Dominik Galkowski (partner of KKG Law Firm, Poland), He Xiaoting (lawyer of Dacheng Law Firm), Hermann Knott (partner of Andersen Law Firm, Germany), Zhou Jingping (senior partner of Denton Law Firm), and Magareth Bendayan (Advisor to the Ministry of Justice of Bern, Switzerland), Peter Ruggle (Founding Partner of Ruggle Partners, Switzerland), Xiao Wanhua (Director of Cambridge Orient Law Firm), Zhang Tianze (Director of Swiss-Chinese Law Association), and other colleagues attended the conference.

The Swiss-Chinese Law Association is looking forward to the in-depth cooperation with the “Belt and Road” Lawyers Alliance and contributing to the development of the Belt and Road with a pragmatic spirit.