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Swiss Chinese Law Review 01: A Time for Unity



The first issue of the SCLA Law Review is released, and starting today, we are delighted to present to you this new journal, putting our expectations in our own words: “The epidemic has disrupted the world order, and the only way and means to restore it is the rule of law. It is also the duty of the global legal community to do so. So, as we fight the virus, it is also a time when legal professionals must unite, work together across cultures, and put aside differences to understand each other. It is a time to cherish our shared values and to work together in solidarity toward a common goal.”

(Cover: Curbing the world order to be restored)

(Thanks to CMG Group for the support)

We are more than delighted to present the first issue of the Journal of Swiss Chinese Law Review starts from today, as stated in the preface. We hope “it is the time for the legal professionals to unite. It is the time to understand each other and collaborate across different cultures. It is the time that we should cherish our shared values, cherish unity, and pride the goals rather than our differences. It is time to find better protocols to collaborate in online hearings on a practical level. Finally, it is time to convince courts to take more effective measures toward the pandemic.