Swiss-Chinese Law Review Featured in Helveticat



The Swiss-Chinese Law Review has recently been awarded full-text inclusion in the Helveticat database. The Swiss-Chinese Law Review is a professional journal for legal professionals around the world, published in both Chinese and English, with the English version of the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2673-5407 in print and ISSN 2673-5415 in electronic form) and the Chinese version of the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2673-5423 in print and ISSN 2673-5431 in electronic form).

(Included screenshots)

The first issue of the Swiss-Chinese Law Review received more than 340 submissions from more than 50 countries (18% from mainland China). More than 30 submissions were accepted for the journal, with Jian Guo as editor-in-chief of the Chinese edition, David Dahlborn as editor-in-chief of the English edition, Jianan Wei as assistant editor, Manqin Zhang as a designer, and Tianze Zhang as publisher and coordinator.

(Cover of the first issue: The Wrong Cube – The World Order to be Restored)

This issue is sponsored by Peter Ruggle & Associates (Switzerland), Cone Marchall Group (New Zealand), and Sun Lawyers LLP (Hong Kong, China) for advertising.