2020 and My Wishes-Interview with David Chikvaidze, the Chef de Cabinet to the Director-General of the UnitedNations Office at Geneva (UNOG)



On December 24, 2019, the delegates fromthe Swiss-Chinese Law Association visited and interviewed with David Chikvaidze,the Chef de Cabinet to the Director-General of the United Nations Officeat Geneva (UNOG). David Chikvaidze was former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Chairman of the UNOG Cultural Activities Committee, Senior Political Adviser tothe Director-General of UNOG, Senior Adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Chief of Communications and NGO Partnerships, and spokes man for the 61st session of the Commission on Human Rights.

David Chikvaidze looks forward to 2020 a year of peace and harmony, as well as a year of healthy trade and economic development. He hopes that in the coming year, peoples of all countries in theworld can live in harmony and work together for the sustainable developmentgoals. In addition, he expressed his wishes for the New Year in Chinese.