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Preparatory meeting for the 8th Swiss-Chinese Law Association Global Forum – Data Protection Forum



On August 14, 2020, the Swiss-Chinese Law Association (SCLA) held a meeting of the Preparatory Working Group for the Global Forum on Data Protection, chaired by Dr. Hermann Knott of SCLA, with Safak Herdem (Turkey), Jianmin Dai (China), Al Saikali (USA), Godson Ugochukwu (Nigeria), Philip Hackett QC (U.K.), Yinan Wang (China), Margareth d’Avila Bendayan (Switzerland, Israel), and other forum speakers and panelists.

The upcoming Global Online Forum format, to be held on August 28 at 19:00 BST, was discussed. The upcoming forum will consist of keynote presentations and expert panel discussion sessions, and the keynote presentations will cover: U.S. Data Protection – State and Federal Law Compliance Issues (Al Saikali); Data Protection Issues in Global Supply Chains (Safak Herdem (Turkey)); Geopolitical Discrimination in Data Protection Issues (Philip Hackett QC); Regulatory Barriers to Increasingly Complex Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity in China (Jianmin Dai); Data Protection Issues in Africa (Godson Ugochukwu)

In addition, the panel discussion session will center on: The global data protection issues behind Tik Tok (Tik Tok) (Wang Yinan) and Privacy Protection in New Coronary Pneumonia (Margareth d’Avila Bendayan) for the topic.

Over the past 240 days, the Global Forum organized by the Swiss-Chinese Law Association has become a monthly high-level meeting to explore cutting-edge issues globally, a platform for exchange and dialogue between lawyers from China and the world on an invitation-only basis.