[Saturday Seminar] Swiss Rules of Procedure – Former Geneva Court of Appeal Judge Eric W. Fiechter



Swiss Rules of Procedure

This Saturday evening, 20:00-21:30 BST

Speaker: Eric W. Fiechter, former Judge of the Geneva Court of Appeals

Small as it is, Switzerland is not a country but a collection of 19 states created under the constitution after the civil war, with 26 cantons, the latest of which was built in 1979 and finalized by a final vote that year. Switzerland is not a strong country; it currently has more than 190 nationalities from all over the world and four national and three official languages. Only four of the 26 cantons have more than one official language. English is not an official language. Many cantons even use dialects for oral communication. Switzerland’s unique geography and culture have shaped the country’s distinctive “Swiss rules of procedure.”

This special SCLA seminar will review the emergence and evolution of the Swiss Rules of Procedure, the challenges of the new epidemic to the Swiss Rules of Procedure, and the impact of the Swiss Rules of Procedure on people’s way of thinking in different cultures contexts.

(Judge Eric W. Fiechter)

The seminar will be presented by Judge Eric W. Fiechter, a two-time judge of the Geneva Court of Appeal and a founding member of the Swiss-Chinese Law Association. He graduated from the University of Geneva Law School in 1973 and received his Master’s degree from New York University in 1975. He served two terms as a judge of the Geneva Court of Appeal between 1997 and 2011. He has been practicing law at Des Gouttes Associés since 2011. He also serves on the Board of Directors of ASBS Singapore.