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SCLA 2020 Global Legal Leaders Forum and New Year’s Eve Dinner Delegate Presentation (III)



(The following rankings are in no particular order)

Li Jingwu
Beijing Yingke Law Firm

Mr. Li Jingwu serves as the Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Yingke (Wuhan) Law Firm. He is also a member of the Hubei Bar Association and Vice Chairman of the Wuhan Bar Association. As a global partner of PCG Law Firm and Executive Vice Chairman of PCG Law Firm China, he is responsible for coordinating the operation of PCG’s branch offices in the Central China region. He mainly focused on improving the operation and management of the regional offices, integrating the regional offices’ resources, and accomplishing the regional offices’ development goals. Mr. Li also serves as a director of PCG Law Offices in China.

Gao Tian
Director of Shenzhen Office of Shanghai Allbright Law Office

Mr. Gao’s main practice areas are a foreign investment, corporate legal affairs, and foreign-related litigation and arbitration. With a dual professional background in Japanese and law, Mr. Gao has focused on handling daily corporate legal affairs such as customs, labor and personnel, foreign exchange, technology transfer, and other legal matters for foreign-invested companies. It’s mainly Japanese companies and corporate mergers and acquisitions and liquidations, handling a large number of customs dispute matters and labor dispute matters, and undertaking more than one hundred litigation and arbitration cases since he started his practice. He has provided extensive legal services for many Japanese companies of the Fortune 500 with some other famous enterprises and their investment enterprises in China. He has served as a member of the Labor and Social Security Law Practice Committee and Foreign-related Law Practice Committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association.

Liao Mingxia, Attorney at Law
Partner of Deheng Law Firm

Ms. Liao has more than 25 years of legal experience and has worked in large domestic and international law firms. She has rich theoretical attainment and practical experience in state-owned assets, M&A and restructuring, finance, cross-border investment, and financing. After working, Mr. Liao Mingxia studied in Canada and the United States and worked in a large international law firm. For many years, she has been a partner of Deheng Shenzhen and an executive member of the Cross-Border Practice Committee of Deheng General Office and Deheng Finance Professional Committee. Her honors and positions include: Thousands of Foreign Lawyers Talented by Ministry of Justice, Leading Foreign Lawyers Talented by Guangdong Province, Leading Foreign Lawyers Talented by Shenzhen Municipality, Arbitrator of Shenzhen International Arbitration Court (Shenzhen Arbitration Commission, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission South China Branch).