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Swiss-China International Legal Experts Communication Program



Swiss-China International Legal Experts Communication Program, to be unveiled at UN’s European HQ 

The Swiss-China International Legal Experts Communication Program, it to announce that it is accepting applications for participants.

The program, hosted by the Swiss Chinese Law Association (SCLA), will be unveiled at the United Nation’s European Headquarters in Geneva. It aims to help Chinese lawyers understanding differences in Chinese and European legal culture. It will also allow Chinese lawyers to establish connections with international organizations and top global law firms to establish long-term business relationships. 

Senior lawyers and law firm partners from Mainland China and Hong Kong will conduct a 9-day training program, from November 4th to 13th, in Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, and Zurich.  They will also meet officials and academics and hope to help Chinese lawyers grow overseas business in the context of China’s “Belt and Road” strategy. 

This program will include a three-day training course at international organizations and courts and six days of world-class law firm masterclasses. Participants will also attend a one-day training event at the UN’s European Headquarters in Geneva. This training will be conducted by the SCLA and the UN Institute for Training and Research. During this time, participants will be able to visit the World Trade Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, Switzerland Federal Supreme Court, Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the E3 Lab Laboratory for the study of Emotion Elicitation and Expression.

Furthermore, participants will have exclusive access to present their own business and law firm to international organizations and top Swiss law firms. During six days, participants will visit world-renowned law firms, including E&Y, Baker & McKenzie, BMG Avocats, Bratschi, Bonnard & Lawson and Suterhowald. The SCLA program also includes symposiums and round table discussions on foreign investment, international arbitration, immigration, technology innovation, infrastructure investment, public management and real estate. 

Participants will attend the one-day “e-Economics Day” forum held by the SCLA in Zurich. This meeting will be joined by former Mayor of Zurich, Dr. Thomas Wagner and the former Swiss Ambassador to China Dr. Uli Sigg. It will be hosted by CNN anchor Olivia Chang and joined by representatives from Bitcoin Suisse, Schroder Bank and Vischer. Participants will be invited to visit the world-leading Crypto Valley in Zug, followed by dinner.

Ulrich Meyer, the President of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, expressed his support for the project, saying: “It is our great pleasure to welcome the Chinese delegation to visit Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland.”

The SCLA is an international legal association based in Geneva, Switzerland. It provided assistance to legal communities in China and Switzerland. Through its global membership influenced the development of judicial collaboration between countries and the future of the legal profession. It covers areas including international investment, dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, public policy and international organization relations.

(Translators : Ruonan Chen and David Dahlborn, Swiss Chinese Law Association)