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Swiss-Chinese Law Association Geneva International Mediation Center and Shenzhen Qianhai International Commercial Mediation Center Reach Preliminary Cooperation Intention



The Swiss-Chinese Law Association, the Geneva International Dispute Resolution Institute, and the Shenzhen Qianhai International Commercial Mediation Center have reached preliminary cooperation intentions, intending to reach preliminary views on mutual recognition of mediators, deepening business cooperation between institutions, and signing a memorandum of cooperation.

Shenzhen Qianhai International Commercial Mediation Center is a private non-enterprise unit specializing in commercial mediation services, which was founded by Shenzhen Qianhai Belt and Road Legal Services Association and registered by Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. The Mediation Center provides market-oriented commercial dispute mediation services for domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations, focusing on resolving cross-border and international commercial disputes in the areas of trade, investment, finance, intellectual property, real estate, engineering and construction, maritime and maritime affairs in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and “One Belt and One Road” construction. It maintains a normal and orderly commercial legal order. At the parties’ request, the Mediation Center can also provide legal advice, legal identification, dispute resolution counsel, and legal professional training services.

The Swiss-Chinese Law Association comprises more than 200 members from more than 16 countries or regions. Members include well-known international organizations, renowned professors in academia, world-renowned lawyers, judicial practitioners, and industry associations, with over 90,000 e-journal subscribers. The vision of GICLA is to be a global community, a global vision and a global voice for Asian and European lawyers, to be the voice of lawyers in international rule-making, and to promote a more transparent, collaborative, and integrated legal world by fostering understanding (among members) of each other and the differences in legal cultures and systems of different countries between European and Asian countries.

The core business model of the Geneva International Dispute Resolution Institute is to enhance the enforcement of international mediation agreements by working with arbitration institutions around the world to translate concluded mediation agreements into consensual local arbitration awards. It consists of a training center, arbitration and mediation center, and a research center. Current partner institutions include the Swiss Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute (SCAI), the Swiss Arbitrators Association (ASA), Istanbul Arbitration Court (ISTAC), etc.