Swiss-Chinese Law Association’s 7th Global Online Forum Successfully Held



On Friday, July 31, 2020, the Swiss-Chinese Law Association’s 7th Global Online Forum was successfully held, with more than 50 delegates from over 20 countries registered to participate. The theme of the forum was “Cross-border regulation, a brighter future? The forum focused on: the global trade regulatory environment from the perspective of the World Trade Organization (WTO) (Xiaobing Tang, Senior Counsellor, WTO), the regulatory response to cross-border production in the United States in the light of the new crown epidemic (Ampudia Ricardo, Partner, SHB), the impact of regulatory changes on cross-border transactions in Africa (Pieter Steyn, Partner, Werksmans), the impact of China’s anti-monopoly law on cross-border transactions, and the impact of China’s anti-monopoly law on cross-border transactions. The important changes in the draft revision of the anti-monopoly law (Ding Liang, Partner, DeHeng Law Office), the new possibilities of promoting economic growth under international competition law principles (Prof. Patrick L. Krauskopf, Partner, AGON Partner), and the regulatory issues in cross-border talent acquisition (Bo Yi, Associate Professor, Southeast University).

The Swiss-Chinese Law Association signed a memorandum of the strategic partnership with LEX Africa, a legal alliance of top law firms from 26 African countries, during the forum. Zhang Tianze, director of the Swiss-Chinese Law Association, said that Africa is not a country and the birthplace of human civilization. As a Chinese lawyer, I frankly know very little about African law. Through cooperation with LEX Africa, I hope that I can let Asian and even global legal professionals understand Africa better.

Dr. HermannKnott, the Andersen Tax & Legal partner, was the special rapporteur of this year’s forum.