Swiss-Chinese Law Association’s 8th Global Online Forum Held Successfully



The Swiss-Chinese Law Association (SCLA) successfully held the 8th SCLA Global Online Forum – Global Forum on Data Protection on August 28, 2020. The global development of data protection law has brought considerable excitement and unease. As the worldwide economy progresses towards a connected information space, the relevance of data protection and the need to control privacy will progress and increase. More than 60 world-renowned lawyers and academics from over 20 countries and regions were invited to participate in this year’s forum.

The forum was divided into two parts: the keynote speech and the expert roundtable. The keynote speech section included a presentation on “The Current Status of Enforcement of State and Federal Data Protection Laws in the United States” by Alfred j. Saikali (USA), Chair of Privacy and Data Security at Shook, Hardy & Bacon, a presentation on “Addressing the Increasingly Important and Complex Regulatory Barriers to Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity in China” by Dai Jianmin (China), Partner at Dacheng Law Offices, Inc. Majmudar & Partners partner Amrit Mehta (India) on “The Impact of Data Protection Laws on Mergers and Acquisitions,” Fortress Solicitors partner and Swiss-Chinese Law Association member Godson Uochukwu (Nigeria) on “Data Protection and Litigation – An African Case,” 36

Group attorneys Philip Hackett Q.C. (UK) on “Geopolitical Discrimination in Global Sanctions Enforcement,” and Şafak Herdem (Turkey), Partner, HERDEM Attorneys at Law Firm on “Data Protection in Global Supply Chains.”

In the expert panel roundtable, Indian lawyer Saravanan Dhandapani (President of CNICA, member of Swiss-Chinese Law Association) and partner Wang Yinan of DeHeng Law Firm presented different perspectives on the legal challenges faced by Beijing-based ByteTok’s popular social media app (Tiktok). In the second panel, Margareth Bendayan, a member of the Swiss-Chinese Law Association, led a discussion on “Tracking the New Coronavirus – Data and Privacy Challenges.”

The forum was Co-chaired by Swiss-Chinese Law Association members Tianze Zhang and Dr. Hermann Knott, with Dr. Hermann Knott as special rapporteur.