The Second Training Program for Expert Mediators Was Held



SCLA’s second training program for expert mediators was held online on February 27th. The cases for the training course were drafted by SCLA member Philip Hackett, QC, of the 36 Group in the UK. The lecturers included Godson Ugochukwu, partner at Fortress, Gao Jun of Zhong Lun Law Firm in Shanghai, Peter Pettibone, former managing partner of Hogan & Loewe, and Peter Kuntz of Germany. The lecturers were Peter Pettibone, former Managing Partner of Hogan & Loewe, and Hermann Knott, Partner of KUNZ, Germany. Twenty-seven representatives from seven countries and regions were invited to participate.

The second edition of the Expert Mediator Program focused on a hypothetical dispute in international trade. The case involved the legal systems of mainland China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The case involved various aspects such as import/export control, force majeure, and breach of contract. In addition, issues such as confidentiality of the mediation process, enforcement of mediated agreements, and enforcement of mediation-arbitration in different legal systems were addressed in a targeted manner. All delegates were divided into five groups, where they played the role of mediators and disputants in a mock mediation. Afterward, the lecturers commented on the performance of each group, and each member also raised some confusing questions about international mediation, such as how to maintain the mediator’s neutrality and how the position of mediation compares with other dispute resolution mechanisms.

Li Lei from Guangdong Guanghe (Longgang) Law Firm, Hu Jieni from Guangxi Huili Law Firm, Cheng Fang from Beijing Zhong Lun (Shanghai) Law Firm, Li Xianxia from the University of Vienna, Gao Yan from Beijing Zhong Lun Law Firm, Lin Fang from Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm, Feng Yiming from Tianyuan Law Firm, Kun Na from Huashang Law Firm, Li Heng from Shanghai Sino Par Law Firm, China Harbour Engineering Co. Yu Lizuo, Yang Yumin of Beijing GeTong Law Office, Ni Yuhang of Beijing DHH Law Firm, Su Fang of Beijing W & H Law Firm, Fang Songxin of Ove Arup & Partners Law Firm, and Tian Jun of Commerce & Finance Law Office was invited to attend as Chinese representatives.